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VA - HVAC System Phase 8

This project consisted of RBVetCo managing 80% of the project with subcontractors and 20% self performance.  The project was set up in three phases that were to be performed in series.  Phase 8A included asbestos abatement, the replacement of the kitchen’s exhaust fan and the air handling unit for the upper floors in the southwest wing (AS Wing). The new exhaust fan was located in the same location as the old therefore a temporary exhaust fan had to be installed during construction. The new air handling unit was located in a fifth floor penthouse and had to be operational prior to removing the old unit located in a forth floor mechanical room.  The photo below shows the 453,000 BTU air handling unit being placed through the fifth floor louver opening.
Phase 8B consisted of the replacement of the existing air handling unit that supplied the kitchen located in the basement.  In order to complete this, a temporary air conditioning unit had to be installed prior to removing the old unit.  This was necessary as the new unit was placed in the same location as the old. The new air handling unit for this phase has a maximum output of 812,000 BTU’s and is located on a new six inch concrete pad and enclosed with a new pressure treated southern yellow pine enclosure.
Phase 8C was the final phase in the contract and this work provided conditioned air to the Canteen area. This was the smaller of the units, 114,000 BTU’s.  This area was also serviced with fan coil units.  The Phase 8 Project included the installation of the three main air handling units, five fan coil units, two humidifiers and four exhaust fans.  Non mechanical work that was completed as part of this project included masonry demolition and construction, minor structural steel members, concrete pads and concrete demolition, minor acoustical ceiling replacement, fire suppression, gypsum walls and paint.
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Project Description

This project involved multiple small crane picks.

Three major air handling units were replaced while the hospital remained operational.

The ICRA requirements of the Butler VA Hospital were met in numerous areas of Building #1.


Structure's Use:
Medical Facility
Inpatient Facility
Outpatient Services
Project Involved:
Utility Upgrades
Addition to Facility
Renovation Work
Demo / Abatement
Infectious Controls
Contracting Method:
Project Start:
November 2007
ompletion Date:
April 2009
Project Cost:
$1,000,000 - $3,000,000