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VA - Inpatient Pharmacy Renovation

This project consisted of upgrading the existing pharmacy and lab areas to clean room standards.  Construction was addressed in six phases to allow pharmacy operations to continue during construction. 
Phased construction included renovations and expansion of an existing 4th floor mechanical room.  Renovations included demo of existing chiller, rooftop walk-in-air handling unit, sound room, siding, EPDM roof and selective structural concrete demolition. New work included the installation of a 70’-0” truss and steel framing, cast-in-place concrete slab, siding, EPDM roof, mechanical and electrical upgrades. The addition spanned an existing courtyard that overhung an occupied glass atrium below. Mechanical upgrades included two new custom AHUs, new 40 ton secondary chiller and bundle, and new air-to-air heat exchanger for energy efficiency. Pharmacy and lab area consisted of selective demolition of interior partitions and finishes along with selective demolition to existing mechanical HVAC equipment and electrical system.  New work included new partitions and finishes, including stainless steel casework, HVAC ductwork, electrical upgrades and new walk-in cooler.  All items were supported by the newly renovated 4th floor mechanical room.
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RBVetCo self-performed construction that is technical in nature, including a high degree of difficulty.

The 4th floor mechanical room construction required a 200 ton hydraulic crane to make a blind pick and to set the structural steel and mechanical equipment over an occupied area.

This project demonstrates our ability to manage a variety of subcontracts such as structural steel, large mechanical system upgrades, electrical system upgrades and interior/exterior finishes.

Construction took place within very difficult operating conditions that included time, scheduling, logistic and environmental restraints, which included ICRA in clean room conditions.

This job was a phased renovation project, where major departments, such as the inpatient pharmacy were kept fully operational during construction phasing.  The area or departments that were kept operational were critical for patient care thus making construction for this project challenging, illustrating RBVetCo’s ability to complete extremely difficult projects. 


Structure's Use:
Medical Facility
Inpatient Facility
Outpatient Services
Project Involved:
Utility Upgrades
Addition to Facility
Renovation Work
Infectious Controls
10,500 SF
Foundation Type:
Structured Steel/Concrete Deck
Contracting Method:
Project Start:
January 2007
Completion Date:
March 2008
Award Amount:
$1,000,000 - $3,000,000