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VA - Water Loop Replacement

The replacement of the water distribution system at the Erie VA Medical Center is an ongoing project that started on November 14, 2008.  The nearly 4,000 liner feet of 8” water line will feed the entire campus.  Individual feeds from the water main supply each of the campus buildings. The system runs in a complete loop and has been tied into the city water supply at two points allowing Government to shut down any section of line without disrupting the water supply to any building. 

Once the new water loop is complete and all supply lines are tied into the buildings, the system will receive the last of a series of tests.  As the water line is installed the system is periodically pressure-tested to ensure the system remains properly sealed.  After the water loop is tied into the buildings and the final pressure test is complete, the system will be flushed and disinfected.  A concentrated chlorine solution will be pumped through the system and then tested per AWWA C651.  Upon completion and acceptance of the test, the chlorine solution will be flushed from the system and de-chlorinated prior to discharge into the city sewer.

The scope of work included in the project included, survey layout of the water loop, existing utility finding and mapping, excavation, tree protection, tree removal, installation of ductile iron pipe and hydrants, painting, installation of copper supply lines to buildings, backfill and compaction, 5’x20’ concrete pads for meter enclosures, Electric service to meter enclosures, installation of aluminum meter enclosures, demolition of existing building tie-ins, new building plumbing tie-ins, Concrete curb and walk replacement, interior slab patch and replacement, fire detection and alarm connections, paving and landscaping restoration.
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Project Description

This is a major water utility contract that was completed in a congested area with many other existing utilities to cross including water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, electrical, fire signal and gas.

Project included utility surveys and plotting of new and existing utilities

Major excavation, backfill, concrete, landscaping and asphalt paving were required on this contract.


Structure's Use:
Medical Facility
Inpatient Facility
Outpatient Facility
Project Involved:
Utility Upgrades
Addition to Facility
Renovation Work
Demo / Abatement
Infectious Controls
4,000 LF
Contracting Method:
Project Start:
November 2008
Completion Date:
April 2009
Project Cost:
$1,000,000 - $3,000,000